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A piece of solid carbon dioxide, with a mass of 6.8 g, is placed in a 4.0 L otherwise empty container at 23°C.

a) What is the pressure in the container after all the carbon dioxide vaporizes?

b)If 6.8 g solid carbon dioxide were placed in the same container but it already contained air at 740 torr, what would be the partial pressure PCO2 of carbon dioxide?

c)What would be the total pressure Ptotal in the container after the carbon dioxide vaporized?

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    a. Use PV = nRT and solve for P.
    b. pCO2 will be the same as in a assuming all of it sublimes.
    c. pCO2 + 740 mm(keep the units the same) = Ptotal.

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    Dude i care so much about chem llolollol

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