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I think I left out a last part concerning the dissemination of the results. Can you please have a look at it? It is the last!

- publication of the project documentation with reports, film and outcomes on the schools' websites and websites of natural
- information of the parents on the occasion of parent-teacher conferences
- distribution of pedagogical material
- exposition of the project cycle on the project board in the schools
- certificates which lists all activities and is signed by MEP M. Michael Theurer and all headmasters

Local communities
- information of the local public on the occasion of open days
- press release to be published in the local press
- visitor material for natural parks
- participation during environmental days in natural parks,
- presentation of the results during the final visit to the European Parliament in Straßburg
- editing the final report for PAD and making it available on the schools' homepages and on the e-Twinning platform
- documenting and publishing the project in a film

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