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write sentence about desert animals. use each given word in the past tense.

they give word

find, think, run, go, take

my son write- a kangaroo rat needs to find nuts to survive.

my son write- i think a rattle snake can confuse you.

my son write- a scorpion can run a little fast.

if is this right or not tell me and i need two more sentence the word is go and take please help my son

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    A kangaroo rat FOUND nuts to survive.

    I THOUGHT a rattle snake confused you.

    The scorpion RAN fast.

    The past tense of "go" is WENT.

    The past tense of "take" is TOOK.

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    a desert animal went to a cave.

    a desert animal took another animal's food.

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    thank you.

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    You're welcome.

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