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Which of these structural adaptations would most help a nocturnal animal living in the forest?
A.smaller eyes
B.longer hind legs
C.darker fur

Which of these changes would most help a plant living in a desert?
A.more leaves
B.more roots
C.smaller stem
D.smaller flowers

Which adaptation will help a crocodile most to stalk an antelope in a river as it drinks?
A.long snout
B.eyes on top of the head
C.four legs
D.tough skin

Which behavioral adaptation helps protect many herbivorous mammals from predators?
A.moving in herds
B.eating plants
C.fighting one another
D.sleeping on the ground

One of the diamondback rattlesnakes' niches is to
A.bite humans control rodent population berries
D.frighten predators with its rattle

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