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Please check
En mi dormitorio, hay una cama cómodo con una manta azul y marrón claro.This is suppose to say in my bedroom, there is a comfortable bed with a blue and light brown blanket.

Hay dos alfombras azules. This is suppose to say there are two blue rugs.

Hay una sofá y un sillón con tres almohadas rojas.
This is suppose to say there is a sofa and a chair with three red pillows.

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    Is Sr. JMcGin stillhelping to answer questions-I'm not sure because she's not online alot.
    Thank you

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    I emailed SraJMcGin your post.

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    Thank you for doing that, Ms. Sue

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    ¡Hola, Terry! I only come here now when someone sends me a link to do.
    Please remember that any adjective will have the same number (singular/plural) and gender (masculine/feminine) as the noun(s) modified.
    Hay una cama cómoda (fem.)
    A tricky word is "el sofá" because it ends in "a" but is masculine (another one like this is "la mano" = not the gender you would expect!_) = Hay un sofá...

    Everything else is perfect!


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