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intermediate algebra

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A triangle is such that the largest angle is 11 times the smallest angle. The third angle is 27° less than the largest angle. Find the measure of each angle. (Enter solutions from smallest to largest.)

  • intermediate algebra -

    Let x = smallest angle, then 11x = largest and 11x - 27º is the third.

    x + 11x + (11x-27º) = 180º

    Solve for x, then the other angles.

  • intermediate algebra -


  • intermediate algebra -

    Let the smallest angle be x
    Then the largest angle is 11x
    Therefore the third angle is 11x-27 as the
    Third angle is 27 less than the largest angle.
    By angle sum property of a triangle we get
    X +11x+11x-27 =180 degrees
    By simplification,
    23x-27=180 degrees
    X=9 degrees
    We clearly get the angles as 9,99,72
    Hope this satisfies your qurstion

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