FACS - Pen Pal Letter Project HELP!!!

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Name ________ Period 5 FACS - (teacher's name)

(Space down 5 lines)

*Tab 5 across for HEADING/ADDRESS & DATE (what does this means?)

(Space down 2 times after date)
(Space down 2 times after greetings


- Margins: Page Layout toolbar
Page Setup - Margins: Top - .5
Sides - 1" (i didn't see that)
Bottom - 1"

Font - Times Roman
Font size - 14
Spacing - Single/Normal (what does this means?)

(my name) Period: 5th, FACS – (teacher name)

(school adress, we are not aloud to use our home adress for this assignment)

Dear (teacher's name),

Hi there! My name is (my name). I’m currently in the 7th grade and go to this wonderful middle school, (school name) Middle School. I’m 12 years old (turning 13 next month), and I was born on (b-day). The reason why I’m writing this letter to you is for you to get to know me better. I have 2 siblings (1 brother and one sister), and TONS of aunts/cousins.
I have a HUGE family. I don’t have soo much brothers and sisters just one brother and one sister. I’m the middle child of the family since I have a younger brother and a older sister. I have a lot of uncles, cousins, and aunts. I don’t know all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I know about 2-3 uncles, 2-3 aunts, and 1 cousin who go to this district. You know what’s soo cute, you see the other day when me and my mom was reading a Tiger beat magazine and we saw a picture of an young actor who is around my age name China Ann McClain. In the magazine it says that China love her name a lot, then my mom mentions me that I have a cousin name China, she is 10 years old. I only have 2 grandpas and 2 grandmas. Three died and one who is alive and one I known but like I said died.
My favorite subjects are: English, Art, Science, and Orchestra. When I grow up I want to become an artist and a writer. Art and writing is part of my life, I just can’t stop writing and drawing. I’m a really good drawer and a creative writer. I keep journals and write about my daily life and read A LOT which is how I’m a good writer. I also write stories; right now a story I’m working on is called “Died of Drinking”. It’s about 3 high school best friends and one of them started to drink, the two best friends TRIED to stop their friend from drinking but they tried their best. At the end of the story the friend dies. I know that’s a ridiculous plot but when it’s finish and as you read my story then you’ll understand. Sometimes when I’m writing essays and stories I end up writing TOO much, sorry but I just can’t help myself. For art I have MANY creative ideas. When I was little I wasn’t much of a good drawer but I keep practicing and practicing and then become a better drawer. The type of drawing I’m good at is anime (manga). If you don’t know what anime is, it’s a Japanese drawing. You know those cartoons shows like Pokémon right and you see the way their drawn, that what I mean for anime. I started drawing anime when I was in the 5th grade; I started practicing it like over the summer of 5th grade. I watched YouTube videos step by step on drawing it and practice. I kept a manga binder of all of my manga drawings I drawn, someday I’ll show it to you. I also have an art binder but it’s a lot of details.
The perfect colleges I want to go are: RCC, Yale University School of Arts (Ivy League School), and School of Art Illinois State University. I’m working VERY hard now to get into these colleges. I’m not worrying about RCC and that art school, I’m worrying about Yale because it’s an Ivy League School and Ivy League schools are VERY hard to get into. It takes TONS of work to get in. My uncle always tell me to work hard and try to get very good grades. When my uncle was in high school he got accepted to Stanford University, got a 2400 on SAT’s, and was a Valedictorian. I’m determining to get accepted to that Ivy League school and I’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get accepted.
During the summer of 3rd grade, my family and I went to Florida for 1 week. One night I was sleeping and my dad wake me up and said “Get up, Get up”. I asked “Why?” He said “Were traveling”. When he said that I was surprise and shocked, to be honest with you I didn’t know we’re traveling that day. I know but I didn’t know what day till I found out that night. We went to Nickelodeon Family Suites. I had a wonderful time there, enjoy the food, made new friends, and have fun spending my time with my family. I even went there again during the summer of 5th grade. This time we stayed there for 2 weeks! During the summer of 5th grade while at the resort we went to 2 places: Wonderwork and Disney World – Down Town Disney. We went to Wonderwork in the middle of the vacation and Disney World on the last day. It was sooo much fun, at the Nick hotel I made more friends, had fun, and plus me and my brother participated in the Nick after Dark. It was fun!!! This year during the spring break my dad MIGHT take the family to Florida again for Wet and Wild since we still have that ticket. This summer my dad is putting me and my brother to this camp I found in the internet: Long Lake Camp of Arts. When I saw the video and read about it, it was soo cool, fun and amazing that I wanted to go to this camp soo badly. That’s a MAYBE because it depends if my dad have enough money for it since it’s expensive.
My favorite sports are: soccer, volleyball (sometimes), tennis, swimming, and karate. I took karate when I was in the 3rd grade but stop when I got into 4th grade. I was on green belt. Soccer I played sometimes during recess with my friends in primary school. It was fun! Swimming oh …. I LOVE to swim A LOT. When I was little I took swimming lessons since I didn’t know how to swim in the deep much. Now I’m really good at swimming (sometimes…). Tennis and volleyball I enjoyed playing with my friends usually that’s why it’s one of my favorite sports.
My hobbies are: reading, drawing (art), writing, collecting rocks (that I painted), and more. I love to read a lot, the type of books I read is mostly fiction books. My favorite books are Dork Diaries and the author Rachel Renee Russell is my favorite author. I love her books a lot; they are its sooo interesting. In the 5th grade my mom got me the first book, for a moment I thought she brought me a diary but it was a story. When I started reading it I was sooo glued to it. So far I read the entire series and am waiting for the 4th book to come out which is in June (every year in June her new books come out). I’m planning on writing her a fan letter explaining how much I love her books and why she is my favorite author. Plus with my fan letter I’m going to share her story that I’m working on right now. So I pretty much love to read A LOT. I also love some drama books too like: Drama High series (I read 2 books of the series so far), My Boyfriend is Better than Yours and more.
My favorite TV show is Degrassi, and House of Anubis. The reason why I love Degrassi is because it has drama in it. The story lines are sooo interesting. I love to read drama books and watching drama. As I was watching the show I learned some new things: Do NOT have sex, don’t run away from home, don’t do drugs, don’t fight in school, don’t date too much, and much more. As I was watching the story lines (episodes) I learn some new things: eating disorder (and other disorders), transgender, and more. So now I realize some things NOT to do and things I learn about. I have been watching Degrassi since the 5th grade (I didn’t watch it below 5th grade because I was too young to watch it). The story lines and about high school students’ problems are NOT real. Just fictional characters (actors) with some problems they had to face in high school but these story lines and drama can happen in really life and to anyone. The reason why House of Anubis is my second favorite show is because it’s really interesting. There are some mysteries and “secrets”. I watched the first season and now this year they are showing the second season. So far I watched a few episodes and there is a new character. Plus there are some romances in it which is really adorable.
My favorite animals are: cats, puppies, kitties, rabbits, bunnies, horses, ponies, dogs (sometimes) and hamsters. I pretty much love small animals. The reason why I love small animals is because there are really cute. One time my mom’s friend asked my mom to babysit her dog (I think it was a puppy, somewhere in between) for a few hours. Her name was Bushu (sorry I miss It, if you see me pronouncing it then you’ll understand it, I don’t know how to spell it), she was really cute. When we were outside waiting for the owner (my mom’s friend) to come my brother and I played with her. The 3 of us all ran together around the parking lot, it was fun!
My grades so far in school are great; I’m doing very well in school right now. I made it to the honor roll for the 1st quarter.

did i did this correctly????

  • FACS - Pen Pal Letter Project HELP!!! -

    i did the margins just didn't see sides

  • FACS - Pen Pal Letter Project HELP!!! -

    I couldn't get beyond your first paragraph about your family.

    Please proofread. We don't want to read three different sentences in which you state you have one brother and one sister.

    Also -- I don't know what your strange marks are >> I’m

  • FACS - Pen Pal Letter Project HELP!!! -

    the paragraph must of mash it together

    i need help on the heading and stuff NOT the letter im not even done w/ it

  • FACS - Pen Pal Letter Project HELP!!! -

    *Tab 5 across for HEADING/ADDRESS & DATE (what does this means?)

    Spacing - Single/Normal (what does this means?)

  • FACS - Pen Pal Letter Project HELP!!! -

    The heading is

    your address
    today's date

  • FACS - Pen Pal Letter Project HELP!!! -

    Tab 5 across for HEADING/ADDRESS & DATE

    what does it means tab 5 across ???

  • FACS - Pen Pal Letter Project HELP!!! -

    Press the tab key 5 times.

  • FACS - Pen Pal Letter Project HELP!!! -


    thank you!

  • FACS - Pen Pal Letter Project HELP!!! -

    If you repost this, please type it in a document that does not use "smart quotes."

  • FACS - Pen Pal Letter Project HELP!!! -

    smart quotes??????????????

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