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Just as a car starts to accelerate from rest with an acceleration of 1.4m/s2,a bus moving with a constant speed of 12m/s passes it in a parallel line.
1.How long the car overtakes the bus.
2.How fast will the car then be going.
3.How far will the car then have gone.

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    1. Xcar = 0.7 t^2
    Xbus = 12 t
    0.7t^2 = 12t
    0.7 t = 12
    t = 17.14 seconds
    Set Xbus = Xcar and solve for t
    2. Use the t from part 1 and
    Vcar = 1.4 t
    to get the car's velocity.
    3. Use the t from part 1 and either of the X equations, to get the distance travelled.

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