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You have a hot grill and an empty hamburger bun, but you have sworn off greasy hamburgers. Would a meatless hamburger do? The data for 12 brands of meatless hamburger were collected. Calories, fat, and sodium in these meatless hamburgers were used to predict taste score (between 0 and 100). The correlation between fat and calories is r = 0.828. How might this model be improved?
Predictor Coef SE Coef t-value P-value
Constant 69.42 23.84 2.91 0.020
calories -0.5772 0.2727 -2.12 0.087
fat 8.359 3.263 2.56 0.034
sodium 0.05116 0.03792 1.35 0.214

a. Omit predictors that are not useful one-by-one, until we’re left with only useful predictors.

b. Omit fat from the model.

c. Omit sodium and calories from the model.

d. Add new predictor variables to the model.

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