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A solution was made by dissolving 62.07 grams of a compound in 500.0 g of water. The compound was not ionic. The freezing point of the solution was measured and found to be – 1.86oC. Using the Kf value in your textbook , the molar mass of this compound can be calculated to be

a) 57.7 g/mol
b) 124 g/mol
c) 231 g/mol
d) 62.1 g/mol
e) 115 g/mol

bet its e

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    If you were betting you lost.
    delta T = i*Kf*m
    You know dT, i = 1, and Kf. Solve for molality.
    Molality = moles/kg solvent.
    You have m and kg solvent, solve for moles.

    moles solute = n = grams solute/molar mass solute.
    You know moles and grams, solve for molar mass.

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    still lost :(

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