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Algebra 2

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What is three root 1/3 ? I'm not sure if that looks right in words, but I don't know how to post the square root symbol. If that doesn't make sense, then pretend that this sign: % is a square root:

3 %1/3

The 3 looks like it's a little above it. Please help me.
It's Radical Functions and Radical Exponents Ch.6, and I do not understand how to do this problem at all..

  • Algebra 2 -

    3√(1/3) is the same as 3√1/√3, which is the same as 3/√3.

    If you are expected to get rid of the radical in the denominator, multiply both the top and bottom by the equivalent of 1 to get rid of the radical.

    3/√3 * √3/√3 = (3√3)/(√9) = (3√3)/3 = √3

    I hope this helps and is what you were asking.

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