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the vapor pressure of ethanol at 20c is 44 mmHg and the vapor pressure of methanol at the same temperature is 94mmHg. A mixture of 30.0 g of methanol and 45.0 g of ethanol is prepared (and can be assumed to behave as an ideal solution). a.) calculate the vapor pressure of methanol and ethanol above this solution at 20c
b.) calculate the mole fraction of ethanol and methanol in the vapor above this solution at 20c
c.) suggest a method for seperating the two components of this solution

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    moles MeOH = n= 30.0g/molar mass MeOH = ?
    moles EtOH = n= 45.0g/molar mass EtOH = ?
    XMeOH = nMeOH/total moles
    XEtOH = nEtOH/total moles.
    PMeOH = XMeOH*PoMeOH
    PEtOH = XEtOH*PoEtOH

    total P above the soln is PMeOH + PEtOH.
    XMeOH = PMeOH/total P
    XEtOH = PEtOH/total P

    c.Your call.

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