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A light photon with a frequency of at least 0.0373 × 1016 Hz is required to split apart diiodine according to the equation:

I2(g) → 2I(g)
Calculate the energy (kJ) required to break apart a mole of diiodine. Express answer in scientific notation.

I got 2.47 * 10^-22 but it's incorrect.

I used the equation: E = (h)(v)

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    h = 6.624*10^-34 J*s
    f = 3.73*10^14 s^-1

    h*f = 2.47*10^-19 joule
    = 2.47*10^-22 kJ

    That is the energy need to break apart a molecule, NOT a mole. You must multiply that number by Avogadro's number. You should get about 149 kJ/mole

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