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General Physics Pt.2

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A proton is projected in the positive x direction into a region of uniform electric field E = -5.30*10^5 i N/C at t = 0. The proton travels 6.50 cm as it comes to rest.

(a) Determine the acceleration of the proton.
-5.07E13 (-i) m/s^2

(b) Determine the initial speed of the proton.
______ (+i) m/s

(c) Determine the time interval over which the proton comes to rest.
______ s

  • General Physics Pt.2 -

    A current loop with radius 20 cm and current 2 A is in a uniform magnetic field of 0.5 T. Considering all possible orientations of the loop relative to the field, what is the largest potential energy difference (in Joules) you can find between two orientations?

  • General Physics Pt.2 -

    a proton is projected into a magnetic field that is directed along the positive x-axis. find the direction of the magnetic force exerted on the proton for cach of the following directions of the protons velocity

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