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Two capacitors, C1 = 27.0 µF and C2 = 35.0 µF, are connected in series, and a 21.0 V battery is connected across them.
(a) Find the equivalent capacitance, and the energy contained in this equivalent capacitor.
equivalent capacitance=

total energy stored=

(b) Find the energy stored in each individual capacitor.
energy stored in C1 J
energy stored in C2

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    The charge is the same on both
    Q = C V
    so C1V1 = C2 V2
    V2 = (C1/C2)V1 and V1 + V2 = 21
    let C1 = 27*10^-6
    let C2 = 35*10^-6
    then C1/C2 = .77
    then V2 = .77 V1
    1.77 V1 = 21
    V1 = 11.9 volts
    V2 = 9.1 volts

    I think you can take it from there

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