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The most abundant cation in seawater is the sodium ion. The evaporation of seawater gives a mixture of ionic compounds containing sodium combined with chloride, sulfate, carbonate, bicarbonate, bromide, fluoride, and tetrahydroxybrate. [tetrahydroxyborate=B(OH)-4] Write the chemical formulas of all these compounds.

sodium chloride-

sodium sulfate-

sodium carbonate-

sodium bicarbonate-

sodium bromide-

sodium fluoride-

sodium tetrahydroxyborate-

  • Chemistry -

    sodium chloride- NaCl

    sodium sulfate- Na2SO4

    sodium carbonate- Na2CO3

    sodium bicarbonate- NaHCO3

    sodium bromide- NaBr

    sodium fluoride-NaF

    sodium tetrahydroxyborate- Na[B(OH)4]

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