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Determine if the value of each trig function is positive, negative, zero, or undefined.

a) tan 310 degrees

b) cos 7pi/6

c) sin -245 degrees

d) sec( -7/2)

  • trig -

    Determine in which quadrant you are in,
    then use the CAST rule

    = sin( 115°) , (going 115 counterclockwise is the same as going 245° clockwise )

    115° is in quad II
    in quad II , sine is positive, so
    sin(-245°) is positive

    you can always check with your calculator.

    in sec(-7/2) , remember that if no units are stated, radians are assumed.
    so -7/2 is coterminal with 2π - 7/2 which is appr 2.78

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