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which word in caps makes more sense?

Though the colonies long (SEETHE, SINGE) with resentment at the British, the cauldron of their discontent did not boil over into rebellion until 1776.

Please help thank you

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    Look up the terms Seethe and Singe in a dictionary then decide what you believe is the correct term, I will be glad to check your answer

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    People can only help you if you can help yourself

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    Seethe: To boil

    Singe: to scorch

    Look at your context clues

    hint "did not _____ over into the rebellion until 1776."

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    i believe it is seethe is it correct?

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    Right! The colonists SEETHED.

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    It is seethe yes. Im in highschool. Since is like if you burn something. Seethe could mean like seething with anger basically like you're so angry you're seething it out of you.

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    oh okay thanks for helping out three of you

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    No problem

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