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Boston Massacre

Definition: Shooting of five American colonists by British troops on March 5, 1770.

am i correct???

  • SS7R - HW Question Check -

    It's incomplete. What happened to these colonists after they were shot?

  • SS7R - HW Question Check -

    One person, an African-American man named Crispus Attacks, was killed. Nearly every part of the story is disputed by both sides.

  • SS7R - HW Question Check -

    You haven't got it right, yet.

    What happened to the other four men?

    Please, Laruen, read more carefully.

  • SS7R - HW Question Check -

    My ss teacher said that I have to write a short denfitiion.

  • SS7R - HW Question Check -

    The British say rocks and other such weapons were hurled at them. But the British had guns, and they did open fire. The Boston Massacre deepened American distrust of the British military presence in the colonies.

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