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Brief Calculus

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Calculate the average rate of change of the given function over the given interval. Where appropriate, specify the units of measurement.
f(x) = 1/x;[2, 7]
I used the f(b)-f(a)/b-a and I got -.071 and it said I was wrong could you please help me find my error?

y1= 1/x (put this for my y-value in my calculator
then (y1(7)-y1(2))/(7-2) which equals -.071

  • Brief Calculus -

    f(2) = 1/2
    f(7) = 1/7

    avg rate of change = (1/7 - 1/2)/(7-2)
    = (-5/14)/5)
    = -1/14

    don't go with decimals, they are not accurate,
    stay with fractions for exact answers.

  • Brief Calculus -

    thank you apparently that is all I had to do=)

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