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A couple intends to have four children. Assume that having a boy and girl is equally likely event.
a) List sample space
b) Find the probability that couple has two boys and two girls;
c) Find the probability that couple has at least one boy

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    finish the chart

    GGGG --- you should have 16 of these

    count the number of cases for each of your events,
    then divide by 16 to the prob.

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    5. A couple plans to have 3 children. Find the possible ways the couple can have 3 children.
    - 1a3b+3a2b1+3a1b2+1 a0b3
    1a3= 1 case with boy, boy, boy
    3a2b1= 3 cases with 2 boys and a girl
    3a1b2=3 cases with a boy and 2 girls
    1b3= 1 case of girl, girl and girl.

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