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View the results for a hypothetical psychology test psychology test. Then, create a report with the following:

The mean score for each question.
The mean score for the entire test.
A graph that represents the scores for each question.

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    We have no idea what your hypothetical test would be. Is it an essay test? Matching? Multiple choice? A combination of these?

  • psychology -

    1.Who came up with the psychosexual stages?

    *Sigmund Freud
    Lada Gaga

    2.Which psychologist tested classical conditioning with dogs?

    B. F. Skinner
    *Ivan Pavlov
    Igor Pavlov
    Sigmund Freud

    3. Explain the difference between operant conditioning and classical conditioning, and provide an example of each
    4. The act of removing a stimulus to reinforce a certain behavior…
    * called negative reinforcement
    positive reinforcement
    all of the above
    Psychology is ____
    *the study of the psyche

  • psychology -

    The mean score for each question.Who came up with the psychosexual stages?

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