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I have to write a compare contrast essay does this sound ok?

One of the toughest decisions that you are going to face as a parent is to decide where to send your children to get their education. There are many reasons why public schools are academically superior to home schooling. Sending children to public school will give them endless opportunities, compared to home school which has very limited opportunities.
In a public school setting children get their education at a local town school environment. The town is divided up into boundaries. By doing this it prevents overcrowding at any one particular school. The children have scheduled classes throughout the day. Students transfer from different classrooms for different subjects amongst the day. The classes generally run about an hour long. Public schools also have several teachers who are certified in certain subjects to teach the student in the classroom. However home school is providing a learning environment at home. There are a couple options for home schooling that a parent can chose from. First there is a local education center where the parent can pick up the books one at a time and assignments for the student. The other option is the student can sign up online for a home school program. With home schooling the student is able to learn on their own time and their own environment. Home school students have a deadline of when each subject must be completed. With home school most of the learning is a teach yourself approach. The student can get assistance if they have a question, but mostly the student learns and follows the outline for the class.
Public school students have more opportunities then home school students. When a student attends public school they have endless opportunities to join numerous organizations. With a student’s grades passing they would be eligible to try out for many different sports teams. As a public student plays sports there would be different colleges looking at the student and could possibly offer a scholarship for college. While playing sports the student would also be getting in shape and learning about priorities. Not only are there several sports that the student can join but also academic clubs. An academic club would be an honor society, debate team, and student council. By joining an academic organization the student will learn further information to help improve them academically. Along with improving themselves the student can to get an academic scholarship for college. As a home school student their opportunities are limited. Home school students do not have that much communication with organization to play sports or an academic club. There are no such teams for sports for home school children. A home school child would have to play for a private sports team. Playing for a private sports team the cost would be higher and not as many teams to play against. Not only that the sports are limited to the area you live in and how many other students have signed up to form the team. Being a home school student their social involvement with other students and teachers are limited. A home school child doesn’t have the interaction with other students and their culture. A home school student is more independent than a public school student. A home school student has little to none interaction with a teacher. They can ask questions on homework, but they may not get a response for 24hours.
A typical school day is different between public school and home school. Also the length of a school day is different between the two school environments. Public school has a regular school day of six to eight hours Monday through Friday. A public school student has about five to seven subjects a day. They start their school between seven and eight a.m. and ends the day between two-thirty and three- thirty. There tends to be twenty-five to thirty students in every classroom with one teacher and sometimes a teacher assistant. Some may see this as a problem with so many students in a class, but the students learn from each other and help each other figure out problems. The cost of public school is another major difference. Public schools are funding by the government. There is also a small tuition fee for a student to attend. Public school must follow state regulations in order to get the funding for the school. Home school is different in the amount of hours and days a student spends. Most home school programs have the student learning one subject at a time. Once that subject is complete they can move on to the next and so on. A home school student can choose the time of day they wish to learn. The student needs to make sure they finish before the deadline. Being a home school student there are no other students around. It is just the book, assignment, and the student. Some home school students enjoy not having other students and distractions around them. Other students miss the interaction and struggle to complete the assignment. Being a home school student you are responsible for all cost. A home school student would pay for books, assignments, test, and other small fees. There are also state regulations that must be followed for home school students however they are not as strict as public school regulations.
In conclusion there are many differences between public and home school students education. Coming from a public education myself I believe that it is a well-rounded education program that assists students to further themselves. Public schools have more opportunities for a student to grow in their social and academic ability, while being home schooled the opportunities are limited or not there at all.

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