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Algebra 1

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23.what is the slope of a line parallel to a line represented by the equation x=2y-3?
19.what is the solution to the following system of equation?
16.which graph below shows the function f(x)=-3x-1?
12.what is the solution to the following system of equations?
8.what is the equation of the line that includes the point (4,-3) and has a slope of -2?
1.what is the value of |x-2| when x=-5?

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    That is too many questions for one post. It would be much better if you posted one question at a time and made an attempt at an answer, so we can help you understand the concepts better.

    We are not here to "do homework" or to take the place of reading the assignment.

    <<1. what is the value of |x-2| when
    x = -5? >>
    If x = -5, than x -2 = -7.
    The absolute value signs | | then tell you to change the sign, since the number inside is negative. Thus
    |x-2| = 7

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    9.why does the equation |x-6|=2x-3 have no solution for x=-3?
    10.use a number line to diagram the solution of the absolute-value equation |x-3|=5.then write the solution set to the absolute-value equation.
    13.solve the inequality 6x<12 OR 3x>15.?
    14.solve, |z+3|=5.
    19.a_is a graph made up of separate,disconnected points?
    22. Determine the probability of rolling at least one odd number or a sum of 9 with two number cubes? build arianes house will take a constant number of individual work days.if a contraction crew of 15 people can build the house in 20 days,how mAny people does it take to finish the house in 5 days?
    29.solve the system by substitution:3x+y=13.

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    Read my previous answer. Don't just dump your questions here en masse and expect us to do them for you.

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