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large dose of vitamin C are supposed to cure the common cold. One commercial over-the-counter product consists of 500-mg tablets that are 20% by weight vitamin C. How many tablets should one take for a 1.30g dose of vitamin C?

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    1 tab has a mass of 500 mg. Since it is 20% vit C, then mg vit C/tab = 500 x 0.20 so
    (500*0.2 mg vit C/tab) x # tabs = 1300 mg.
    Solve for # tabs.
    Back in the days when I was in graduate school Dr. Linus Pauling, a renowned chemist, pushed the idea of massive doses of vitamin C to cure the cold. It was controversial but he was a Nobel prize winner so many people listened.

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    would you multiple 500x0.20
    and then divide the amount with 1.30

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    You need to brush up on your basic algebra. You punch in 1300 and divide by 500 and by 0.2.

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