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i doing my physics work and so i have to convert 0.0023mm to meters and it seem so easy but i not know how. i first convert it to cm, i times by ten then i divide by 100 to give me meters so i get 0.0023m but it suppose to be 2.3*10^5 m

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    o never mind i get it. i see i not supposed to multiply by 100 i supposed to divide.

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    Milli means 1,000. Centi means 100. There are 1,000 millimeters in a meter, and there are 100 centimeters in a meter. So to go from mm to m, you need to divide .0023 by 1000.

    Your answer would then be 2.3*10^-6

    I don't know where that 2.3*10^5 came from, did you write it down wrong?

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    Milli means 10 cause there be 10 millimeters in 1 cm. only thing i get wrong be that i times 0.0023mm by 10, i supposed to divide to give me cm. then to get cm into meters i divide by 100 cause there be 100 cm in 1 m. then i get 2.3*10^5.

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    Actually if you divide .0023 by 10 you get 2.3*10^-4. Then if you divide that by 100 you get 2.3*10^-6.

    Dividing .0023 by anything would give you a smaller number, and 2.3*10^5 is a very big number. (230,000)

    10mm = 1cm
    100cm = 1 m
    1m = 1,000mm
    1m = 1,000km

  • to Shreya -

    milli does not mean 10. milli means 1000 so there are 1000 mm in a m
    0.0023 m = 2.3E-3mm converted to m = 2.3E-6 m

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    ok sorry i actually just found that i word it wrong it was not supposed to be 0.0023, it supposed to be 0.023. thanks for helping, i appreciate it :)

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