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Homophones can be used humorously in riddles.The answer to each of the riddles below is a homophone groaner!
a) What type of sandals do frogs like?Open_____.
b)What is called when your rabbit is depressed? A bad_______day.
c) What is the most important part of a horse? The _______part
I am not Canadian that's why i don't know the answer:(

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    Toed (Toad) is the first.

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    The main (mane) part. Clever.

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    Thanks !!!!

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    The other is bad hair (hare) day.
    Too funny.

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    Thank you for helping me:)

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    As long as we're telling jokes, my favorite triple-homophone entry is about the old cattle rancher who wanted to retire, so he asked his three boys to take over the ranch. They agreed to do so, but only if they could rename the spread to be the "Focal Point Ranch."

    Confused, the old man asked why they wanted that name, and they replied, "Because that's where the sun's rays meet!" (sons raise meat)

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