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Krystal grilled 21 burgers at a block party. She grilled the same number of pounds of turkey burgers as hamburgers. Each turkey burger weighed 1/4 pounds and each hamburger weighed 1/3 pound. How many of each did Krystal grill?
~Please help me and provide an explanation for your answer.
Please and thank you!

  • Algebra -

    number of hamburgers ---- x
    number of turkeyburgs --- 21-x

    weight of hamburgers = (1/3)x
    weight of turkeyburgs = (1/4)(21-x

    so (1/3)x = (1/4)(21-x)
    times 12 , the LCD
    4x = 3(21-x)
    4x = 63-3x
    7x = 63
    x = 9

    so 9 hamburgers and 12 turkeyb's

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