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doees anyone know why barrio boy and no gumption have the same conflict? i have read them both 3 times and cant figure out why they have the same conflict

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    what are they about?

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    barrio boy is about a boy that moved to america and is learning english and the other is about a boy who is scared to do stuff but his sister isnt and he tries selling papers but he fails so his sister sells them and he desides to be a writer when he is 11

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    are they by the same person?

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    Ernesto Galarza and Russell Baker no barrio boy is by the first one and no gumption is by the second one

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    oh, maybe they just had the same experience as children........ it is not uncommon, it has happened plenty of times where there is practically the same situation but in other ways, is this just you wondering?

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    yes thank you

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    okay, no prob i guess

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