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i need your help please :(

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a sled weighing 100 pounds reaches the foot of a hill with a speed of 40 feet/sec. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the sled and the horizon surface of the ice at the foot of the hill is 0.030. How far will the sled travel on the ice?

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    You would have received help earlier if you had listed the subject correctly. It is not "I need help please". If you also want that to be your name, that your choice.

    For a quick answer, set the initial kinetic energy at the bottom equal to the work done against friction, after traveling a horizontal distance X, where it stops.

    (1/2) M Vo^2 = M g *(0.030)*X

    Vo s the initial velocity at the foot of the hill.

    M cancels out, and does not matter. Solve for X.

    X = Vo^2/(2*g *.03)

    Since you are using feet as the length unit, g = 32.2 ft^2/s

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