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solve for x. |3x-2| = |2x+5|+1

okay so for these one it be |3x-2| = |2x+5| because 1 times in with |2x+5| or it be (-2x-5)

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    i think that be wrong the real answer have to be -4/5 and 8 i just not know how to get thats.

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    if 3x-2 > 0 then |3x-2| = 3x-2
    if 2x+5 > 0 then |2x+5| = 2x+5
    in this case,
    3x-2 = 2x+5 + 1
    x = 8
    since 8 satisfies the conditions, it is a solution

    if 3x-2 < 0 then |3x-2| = -(3x-2)
    if 2x+5 > 0 then |2x+5| = 2x+5
    in this case,
    -(3x-2) = 2x+5 + 1
    x = -4/5
    since -4/5 satisfies the conditions, it is a solution

    If you work through the other two choices, you will either find no more solutions, or duplicates of these.

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