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1. Above the mantel hung a large painting.
2. A mass of dark, threatening clouds loomed above.

For the word "above", which is a preposition and which is an adverb?


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    Adverbs vs. Prepositions

    Words that are sometimes prepositions can act as adverbs. A preposition requires an object. An adverb does not.

    A single word acting as an adverb answers where, when, how or to what degree about the verb.
    â—¦If you want to see the eclipse, you will need to go outside. â—¦OUTSIDE tells you where YOU WILL NEED TO GO. â—¦NOTE: Without an object OUTSIDE is an adverb.

    When the same word is a preposition, the entire prepositional phrase acts as an adverb modifying the verb.
    â—¦Dorothy colors outside the lines. â—¦OUTSIDE THE LINES is an adverbial phrase and OUTSIDE is a preposition. â—¦NOTE: LINES is the object of the preposition.

    To determine whether a word is an adverb or a preposition, look at what follows the word. Is there a noun acting as an object of the word? In other words, is there a word that answers the question WHAT? about the word.
    â—¦It will be some time before his schedule settles down. â—¦DOWN tells the reader WHERE the schedule settles. There is no object following it.

    â—¦Please sit down and listen. â—¦DOWN tells the listener WHERE to SIT. There is no object telling him or her WHAT to SIT DOWN.

    â—¦One need only look down the roster to see the impact of so much travel. â—¦ROSTER answers the question WHAT? about the word DOWN. One need only look down what? THE ROSTER. ROSTER is the object of the preposition DOWN.

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    Thank you for your help!

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    Victoria -- I'll be glad to check your answer.

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    The answer I got was:


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    Your Welcome Victora! :)

    But make sure you understand it ;)

    Ms. Sue can you reply my other post please

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    I understand better, thanks to you!

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