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Can someone please help me with this, let me know if the below looks correct? Improving Your Writing. Section 1 Facts and Figures that define the problem (the cause) Details that show the impact of the problem (effects) on Jack, Ruth, and the company. Section 2 The steps needed to change the situation Reason to implement...

Within the past 3 months Ruth has cut her breaks short and is getting overtime hours at least twice a month. This is costing the company additional $200.00 a month. Frank has been complaining about Ruth’s poor quality in her work. I have also noticed that Jack has been tardy a couple times a week and taking more breaks. This is causing some work-related issues within the department. Jessica Hilo has been on medical leave for the last four month and isn’t sure whether she will be able to return to work. In the mean time Ralph and Frank have been assigned Jessica’s duties. The employees would like to make a suggestion on how to make the work flow run smoothly.

To become a successful company can save money. Jack needs to pitch in and help Ruth with her work load. This will take the stress and complaining from Ruth’s and improved her quality and productivity. This will also help give Jack enough work throughout the day and will improve his tardiness within the week. Take into consideration in appointing the full time administrative assistant over all the employees and distribute the work out equally. This will save the company money in hiring and taking the time in training someone else. The employees would like to have a suggestion box, so they can turn suggestions. If the company evenly distributes the work among the co-workers this will take the complaining and overtime out and the company will better benefits from this solution

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