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I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you very much for helping me. I don't know a few technical terms.

1) I can see two young men who are probably (working??) on the Stock Exchange. The one in the left-hand side of the picture is analyzing data on his monitor while holding a receiver on his shoulder.
2) The other seems to be observing statistic data on a wall panel (screen, board??).
3) I can see a …(what do you call a board on which statistic data are projected on a wall?)
4) In picture D I can see a woman pilot who seems to be checking …….. (I don’t know the word) before take-off. She has headphones on and is wearing a pilot’s uniform.
5) In the last picture I can see a mechanic who seems to be pouring water or oil into the car engine.
6) In picture C I can see a farmer sitting on bale of straw who is feeding a lamb with a milk bottle.

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