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1. Journals differ from magazines in that they're

A. available by subscription.
B. sources of academic research not intended for the general public.
C. published only periodically.
D. printed with volume numbers.

my answer is B

3. It's important to include references in your research paper because references

A. give credit to authors.
B. are required on most writing assignments.
C. reduce the risk of false conclusions.
D. prove that you didn't conduct your research on the Internet.

my answer is A

4. When searching in the library catalog to find information about teenaged girls who abuse alcohol, which of the following search statements would be most precise?

A. (teenaged girls) AND (alcohol abuse)
B. (teenaged girls) NOT (alcohol abuse)
C. (teenaged girls) OR (alcohol abuse)
D. (teenaged girls) AND alcohol OR abuse

my answer is A or D

5. Which of the following is an article from a popular magazine?

A. Lemonick, Michael D., David Bjerklie, Andrew Goldstein. "Keeper of the Stem Cells." Time 27 Aug. 2001: 57.
B. Carroll, Jill and VandeHei, Jim. "Mouse Cells in Stem Lines May Limit Use." Wall Street Journal 24 Aug. 2001: A3.
C. Lovell-Badge, Robin. "The Future for Stem Cell Research." Nature 414:6859 (11 Nov. 2001): 88.
D. Siegal, Andrew. "Neutrality and Consensus: Towards a Viable Policy on Human Stem Cell Research." Molecular Aspects of Medicine 22.3 (2001): 171–181.

my answer is A

6. You're using the nonfiction book Powering the Future: A Scientist's Guide to Energy Independence, by Daniel B. Botkin, for your research on solar energy. The author uses the term "array," but you've forgotten what it means. Which section of the book is most likely to provide you with a definition of "array"?

A. Title page
B. Glossary
C. Index
D. Table of contents

my answer is B

7. You're assigned to read criticism on Alice Walker's novel, The Color Purple. In an online catalog, you should search under

A. authors for Walker, Alice.
B. subject for The Color Purple.
C. subject for Alice Walker.
D. title for The Color.

my answer is A

8. The Boolean search connector OR is used for which of the following purposes?

A. To restrict a search by excluding results that include a particular term
B. To narrow a search by adding another concept
C. To search several different databases simultaneously
D. To broaden a search by including synonyms or related terms

my answer was either A or D but couldn't find the answer in the book

9. What would a careful researcher ask about a Web site called "Facts about pesticides and health" published by the Coalition for a Chemical-Free Environment?

A. How can I obtain copies of this article?
B. Is this information being used to advocate a point of view?
C. Where was this information published?
D. What's the citation information?

my answer is D

10. Which of the following types of documents are considered primary sources?

A. Raw data, diaries, letters, manuscripts, and original accounts
B. Books primarily concerned with the creative process
C. Academic journal articles and books published by scholars
D. Materials in languages other than English
my answer is B

11. A subject periodical index is a research tool that's used to

A. locate current periodicals within a library.
B. search through primary sources within a library.
C. locate articles in magazines.
D. locate articles in professional publications.

my answer is B

12. When books are arranged in correct order on the shelves by call number, which of the following call numbers will be first?

A. DA 546 .L74 1986
B. D 839 .G42 2004
C. D 839 .G3 1987
D. DE 82 .A49 2006

my answer is B

14. The Atlas of World Religions is an example of which of the following reference sources?

A. Historical atlas
B. General almanac
C. General world atlas
D. Subject-specific atlas

my answer is C

16. Copyright law allows for which of the following?

A. Borrowing image files from a Web site for your own Web site
B. Copying a quotation from an electronic journal to use in your research paper, without citing the source
C. Making a copy of a three-page journal article to use in researching your research paper
D. Photocopying several copies of a chapter from your textbook

my answer is C

To critically evaluate the qualifications of an author on a topic, carefully consider all of the following except the

A. other articles the author has written.
B. author's age.
C. number and type of awards the author has received.
D. author's educational background.

my answer is B

18. Scholarly articles generally include which of the following elements?

A. Detailed diagrams of the concepts presented.
B. A complete biography of the author or authors.
C. Criticism by academic peers.
D. A bibliography or a list of works cited.

my answer is B or D but i think D

19. Which of the following keyword searches should retrieve the most results in an online database?

A. Beta
B. Beta OR blockers
C. Beta NOT blockers
D. Beta AND blockers

my answer is D but could be worded as B

20. Which of the following will probably contain the most objective data?

A. A memoir about working in a coal mine
B. A report with charts documenting hourly wage rates by occupational group
C. A letter rebutting an article in a medical journal
D. An editorial in The Washington Post

my answer is B

  • Literacy -

    You were doing great for your first 8 answers.
    4. A
    8. D

    Numbers 9 and 10 are wrong -- although you've been given the correct answers in the last day or two.

    11, 13, 14 are wrong. (I don't know 12)

    16 and 17 are right.

    18. D

    19. D

    20. Right.

    Amazing what you can find in your book! :-)

  • Literacy -

    on 9 and 10... u said i have been given the correct answering the past 2 days... i just signed up for the site today haha.. thank u so much for the help on 9 and 10 can u please help me

    i looked the questions over on 9 i answered C and 10 i answered C are those maybe right? thank u for all your help i appreciate it a lot

  • Literacy -

    You're welcome.

  • Literacy -

    19. Which of the following keyword searches should retrieve the most results in an online database?

    A. Beta
    B. Beta OR blockers
    C. Beta NOT blockers
    D. Beta AND blockers

    Answer: B

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