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Thank you Ms. Sue for your invauable help! Here is the second part of the letter I need to hand in by tomorrow.
As writeacher is not there, could you please help me check it? Many thanks in advance.

This two-year project will be mainly about a comparative study on biodiversity in water and other waterways in our local areas and English has been chosen as our lingua franca.
2) In particular, your school could help our Italian science teachers build a scientific vocabulary in English to be used when working on the project.
3)This preliminary work will then enable our students to communicate the results of their achievements to the Irish students involved in the Comenius project.
4) We have decided to hold a preliminary meeting in Italy on 27. January and 28. January in order to agree on the objectives and the number of mobilities of both teachers and students which will occur (??) in the course of (during?) the two years.
5) The German school will act as coordinator of the project and so is responsible for drawing up the project itself and sending it to its national agency by 21 February.
6) We, as partners, will have to send a copy of the same project to our local agencies by the same deadline.

  • English -

    1) . . . areas. English has been chosen . . .

    2) OK.

    3) OK.

    4) Drop "which will occur." "During" is better.

    5) OK.

    6) OK.

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