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Liberal Arts

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Part 1: You finally made it…graduation day has arrived! Your parents are so proud that they are throwing you a HUGE party. They have rented a big tent for your graduation party just in case it rains. The inside of the tent (represented by the blue area) is set up for a dance floor for you and friends to dance the night away.

The rectangular dance floor is twice as long as it is wide. The tent surrounds the dance floor, leaving some space (7 feet in each direction) for guests to mingle and cool off after dancing. This extra space (represented by the grey area) has an area of 952 square feet. Your task is to find the dimensions of the dance floor. Be sure to show all work.

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    952 = (2W + 14) * (W + 14)
    2W^2 + 28W - 756 = 0
    2(W^2 + 14W - 378) = 0

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