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how poverty defined in canada?

person living in poverty in canada have access to health care, education and other services. i not sure if this be definition.

what difficulty there be matching poverty in canada with poverty in developing countries?

poverty line not accurate? set income figure not account differences.

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    Government officials do not agree on what poverty is in Canada. The poorest Canadian has much more than the poor people of developing and undeveloped countries.

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    wow i not know that so they be not possible to compare because they show that in developed countries level of poor people high that be able to afford minimum of food, clothing, shelther, health care, education services than those in developing countries and that not be the same. ms. sue that definition only tell what people in poverty get but that not seem like good definition.

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    There is no good definition of poverty, Mohammad. Most poor people in Canada have a TV, cell phone, a good education, medical care, and adequate food and housing. A poor person in Africa has none of these plus they may not have clean water, toilets, and enough nourishing food.

    Welcome to the injustices of the world.

    If your parents are immigrants, you may want to talk with them about the poor people in the country they left.

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    my gosh i not know about all this that really not fair my friend is not poor but he be middle class and he still not have cell and wow poor people in canada get all thats. i feel so bad for poor people in other parts of world they not get anything like that and canada should help them.

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