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Please fill in the blank there will be a list of words below

She was so happy and grateful that i felt more than______________for all that i had tried to do to help her.



Please help!!
Thank you!!1

  • 7th grade Lang. Art -

    I don't think any of those words fit in that blank.

  • 7th grade Lang. Art -

    hmmm really? cause on my worksheet those are the words that were on it

  • 7th grade Lang. Art -

    Ms. Sue is right because I just googled the words and they all negative words not positive words that fits it. Just think of a positive word that fits it.

  • 7th grade Lang. Art -

    You're looking for a positive word, like rewarded, gratified, delighted, etc. It could be the adjective, "alight," but it's not the usual usage of "alight."


  • 7th grade Lang. Art -

    that is soo weird cause we have to choose a word from the list and those are the words from the list on my worksheet

  • 7th grade Lang. Art -

    People make mistakes all the time like one time I was doing my science homework (wk sht) on food and enegry
    they said read 26-2 and I went to that in my text bk they was talking about babies and pregenacy.

    Try Ms. Sue info.

  • 7th grade Lang. Art -

    oh ok thanks Ms. Sue and Laruen -gives virtue hugs to both of them-

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