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i need to find some solutions to slow and make population of world stable, and not exploding. and i need to say why also.

i think that be to drop birth rates. and do that by putting two child policy. so parents not have to deal with spedning lot of money. they give their children good education and this give them benefit in future.

i only find this one what other one there are?

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    The two-child policy is controversial. Limiting the number of children worked for China and stopped it's huge population growth. However, many people resent a government telling them how many children to have. It infringes on their religious and cultural beliefs.

    Educating women has been quite effective in stabilizing population growth in poor countries. Providing them with family planning and birth control methods has also been successful. Helping women start their own small businesses has also helped reduce the birth rate.

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    thank you very much ms. sue :) so that mean education is key to humane population stabilization. i also think that maybe people move to empty space in world but that not be possible because farmland needed to feed people who live in cities and towns and forests not get cut down because they be need for oxygen and wood. so only two ways be education and birth control methods? you right about he two child policy i not think that fair for people either, its their life they should be able to have as many children they want. can there be third one? and that be to poor uneducated people getting married later. cause i think poor people need seek education then they get married at later age and have kids.

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    The custom in most poor societies is to marry young. Changing this custom is very difficult. But when girls get an education, they learn to read and value themselves as individuals. They also learn to seek out methods of family planning. Free condoms and birth control pills help a lot.

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    it be good to add gaps between childs? like 2 year gaps between first and second child?

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    Yes. That's ideal. Family planning helps with that.

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    thanks very much ms. sue :) what is adopting spacing mean?

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    Adopting spacing probably means gaps of a couple of years between children.

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    ms. sue can abstinence also be factor for decreasing population growth? and not having emigration, decreasing immigration, i heard of euthanasia what that be? i not think war good idea that increase death rates but that also controversial right?

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    Abstinence means not having sex. It's a good policy for unmarried people, especially teens. But is not acceptable for most married couples.

    Euthanasia is the killing of a person who is believed to be very sick or dying.

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    thanks very much ms. sue :) ahh euthanaisa not be good:S that be scary.

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    Euthanasia is scary!

    You're very welcome, Mohammad.

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    You've neglected to mention economy. Although it is horrid and quite unfortunate, it is a way to regulate population. As prices go up, an increasing number of individuals fail to meet the costs of standards to living. These people can sometimes die from hunger, refrain from bringing children into the world knowing they cannot support the price of raisin a child, as well as several other ways.

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