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True or False:

•Every equation of the form

•The radius of the circle
x^2+y^2=9 is 3

•The center of the circle
(X+3)^2+(y-2)^2=13 is (3,-2)

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    I do not know what the first one is supposed to be, either a typo or totally false
    The second is true
    the third has the signs backwards, should be (-3 ,2)

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    Looks like the first one is intended to be the equation of a circle.

    (x^2 + ax) + (y^2 + by) = 0

    Unfortunately, if a or b is not zero, there is no real graph.

    If a=b=0, then the graph is just the point (0,0).

    If there was a typo, giving a "d" on the right-hand side, then given suitable a,b,c,d there will be a circle that satisfies the equation.

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    Oh yes the first one was a typo it was supposed to be X^2+y^2+ax+by+c=0

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