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what can you tell me about the remaining parts of the triangle?

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    You are given the measures of two angles, beta and gamma. The three angles of a triangle always total up to 180.
    alpha + beta + gamma = 180
    alpha = 180 - beta - gamma
    so solve for the measure of alpha

    You know that gamma is 90 degrees, so you have a right triangle. You can use sin, cos, and tan relationships to find the sides.
    You are told the measure of side b. Using that measure, the angles, and the trig functions, you can find the measure of the other two sides. Or just find one other side with trig and use the pythagorean theorem to find the third side.
    Good Luck :)

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    is my question the same way to solve my problem using sss,asa,sas,aas,and HL?

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    not at all.

    See law of sines, law of cosines.

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