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How did conquests and control of trade routes benefit rome by about 133 B.C.?
A. Conquests and control of trade routes improved the lives of small farmers.
B. Conquests and control of trade routes reduced unemployment throughout the region.
C. Conquests and control of trade routes brought incredible riches to the city.
D. Conquests and control of trade routes destroyed culture and reduced the need for slave labor
I got C.

How was the work of paul crucial to the spread of christianity?
A. He spread the techings of jesus beyond jewish communities to gentles.
B. He developed the early structure of the christian church
C. He created the ritual of the eucharist
D. Because he knew jesus , his techings converted large numbers of people
I got A.

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    I agree with both your answers.

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    Thank You Ms.Sue :)

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    You're welcome, Sarah.

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