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6th grade math-ms. sue

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MS. Sue here is exactly what the paper says-
think back to the experiment you just designed to test the Best Wheels Bike Shop's new super titanium wheel bearings. Can you be sure that your results are due to the new bearings and not something else? That depends on how you controlled the experiments variables.

He physically did not do this experiment which leads me to believe this is just a statement for the kids to answer these questions.

1- what was the independent variable in your experiment? And was there more than one?

2- what was the dependent variable in your experiment?

3- what factors other than the wheel bearings affected the dependent variable?
4- Was there a control?

I have no clue what to answer, I am not asking for help on all these questions but 1 & 2- I think the independent variable is the wheel bearings but not sure if that is right and the dependent variable could be weather?

  • 6th grade math-ms. sue -

    The Control is something you kept the same. There is not enough information for me to say what exactly what it is. For example, if you used the same wheel bearings the entire time that would be the control.

  • 6th grade math-ms. sue -

    use the diagram to find the measures of each inicated angle. <dec

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