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Find the net change in entropy when 213 g of water at 0.0°C is added to 213 g of water at 96.9°C.

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    You have to use absolute temperatures to compute entropy changes.

    The mixture will come to a final temperature of
    Tf = 96.9/2 = 48.45 C = 321.6 K
    because the hot and cold masses are equal.

    Initial cold water temperature
    Tcold = 273.2 K
    Initial hot water temperature
    Thot = 370.1 K

    Entropy change = cold water entropy gain - hot water entropy loss

    The hot water S loss, assuming constant specific heat C, is
    Mhot*C*ln(370.1/321.6)= 29.9 cal/degree

    The cold water S gain is
    Mcold*C*ln(321.6/273.2) = 34.7 cal/deg
    The net entropy gain is 4.8 cal/deg

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