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I left out these last sentences on Hamlet and a few other sentences on grammar. I hope you can check if they are grammatically correct.

1) Hamlet's father's ghost appears to Hamlet to tell his son that he was murdered by Claudius.
2) Hamlet arranges a play at court because he wants to know if Claudius has murdered his father.
The function of the play-within-the-play is to have a real audience on the stage composed of the actors of the play.
3)The word rub connotes an obstacle which makes us hesitate.
4)The Latin statement quietus est was pronounced by an accountant to imply that there was no further dispute over the exact amount in the account. Hamlet refers to it because he would like to end his earthly sorrows without having to worry about an afterlife.
5) He offered me a lift to the airport.
He offered to give me a lift to the airport.
6) I couldn’t do anything but cry.
I could do nothing except cry.
I couldn’t help/resist crying.
7) She promised to come with me the next/following day. ("she promised me to come.." is possible?)

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    All are fine! Nice!!


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