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7th Grade Math

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Toni rows a boat 4.5km/h upstream and then turns around and rows 5.5km/h back to her starting point. If her total rowing time is 48 min , for how long does she row upstream?

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    the distances are hew same, though unknown.

    let the distance be d. time = distance/speed. Add up the times:

    d/4.5 + d/5.5 = .8

    10d = 19.8
    d = 1.98km

    d/4.5 = .44hour
    d/5.5 = .36hour
    total = .80 hour = 48 min.

  • 7th Grade Math -

    Distance= rate*time
    Distance upstream = distance downstream
    Time should be converted to hour b/c the units for rate is in /hour. We know the total time so assign one of the times x (upstream time b/c you would only have to solve for x to get its time) and the other the total time in hour-x.

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