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The perimeter of triangle ABC is 29 meters. Line segment AD bisects angle A. Find AB and AC. CD=5cm, DB=4 cm.(triangle angle bisector theorem)

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    AB/AC = 4/5 so AB = 4 AC/5

    AB + AC + 9 = 29
    AB + AC = 20

    4 AC/5 + AC = 20
    4 AC + 5 AC = 100
    9 AC = 100

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    AC= 11.11111111
    AB= 8.888888889

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    You forgot to change 29m to 2900cm.

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    *The problem should say 29 cm.

    AB/AC=4/5, so 4AC=5AB, which is also 4/5(AC)=AB.

    AC=11 1/9

    AB=20-11 1/9
    AB=8 8/9

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