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Fee Waiver Statment:

A teacher or administrator must submit a letter on school letterhead listing the student or students who qualify for a fee waiver. The letter must be signed by the teacher or administrator and included with the submission form in lieu of the check.

Fee Waiver

Any student who currently qualifes under the Federal School Lunch Act for the Free and Reduced Lunch program may have this fee waived. Reduced fees are also available to students for whom fees would be a barrier to participation. Please include a letter with your submission form(s) stating you qualify to waive the fee.

I don't get it. What do they mean??? I did read many times but I don't get it. What do they mean????

Please Help!!!

Thank You!!! :)

  • Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards -

    In my region the deadline is...

    Writing Deadline: 01/06/2012

    Novel Deadline: 02/17/2012

    Art Work Deadline: 01/06/2012

  • Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards -

    If you're eligible for the federal free lunch program, you won't have to pay the entry fee. A teacher or principal has to fill out a form stating this fact.

    If your parents can't afford the fees, you may be able to pay only part of the required fees.

  • Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards -

    Well I don't need a free lunch program. I think the enty fee is $10 each my parents can pay that much $$$.

  • Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards -


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