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In order to change the angular momentum of an object, it is necessary to apply
a. a net force to the object.
b. a net torque to the object.
c. a centripetal acceleration to the object.
d. both a net force and a net torque to the object.

We have three vectors, labeled A, B, and C. A points due west, B points due north, and C points due east. We don’t know their relative magnitudes. We find the cross product of each of these vectors with a vector which points due south (D). Rank the three cross products ( ) from smallest to largest in terms of their vertical component, taking the sign of the component into account.
g. You cannot tell with the given information

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    To change angular momentum requires a moment(torque)

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    LOL, yes you can tell
    first B X D
    the angle between B and D is 180, and the sine of 180 is zero
    therefore B X D = 0
    that was easy

    Now A X D
    rotation from A to D is + 90 degrees, so A X D is UP, positive

    But C X D
    rotation from C to D is negative 90 degrees, cross product down
    C X D is DOWN, negative
    in order
    CXD negative
    BXD zero
    AXD positive

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